Luke Edmiston

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Luke Edmiston

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Luke could be a huge brutish musclebound meathead, except for the fact that he is almost always smiling. He’s a massive 6’7”, bordering on 350 pounds of pure muscle. He has light, golden honey-colored hair, kept short and always spiked up stiffly, a great contrast to his deeply-tanned skin and icy blue eyes that always sparkle with some sort of mischief.

Most of the time he could be found to wear tight-fitting short-sleeved shirts that were very form-fitting, tucked into snug black buckskin pants, which were also tucked into knee-high black swashbuckling boots. Recently, however, he acquired some of the best armor one could hope for – Dark Forged boromandite platemail. Underneath the enveloping armor is a sheath of boromandite chainmail, so as to keep his chest, neck, and torso extra protected. The armor itself is a glossy, inky black, almost like fathomless pools of metal surrounding his huge frame. Scrawled and etched across the chestplate are three runes, that will glow red in a room absent of light. The gauntlets encasing his forearms are etched with the same, as are the rest of the pieces of his armor, for which he keeps up in his room for heavier battles.

There is a twist, however, to the big, blonde bouncer of the Raven. He is stone deaf. He’s the eldest of the ‘Edmiston boys’ – as most refer to the big, brutish trio, some would consider him a young 32, because he never acts his age. He’s a clown, a goofball, and a big, lovable teddy bear. He’ll charm the socks right off of someone, and in the same breath, tickle them to death with his antics. He cares deeply for all, and as well he’s a dedicated and loyal friend to the death.

He was born Lukas Wesley Malcolm Edmiston, in Arangoth, just north of the city of Drache, to one of the few last honorable families in Arangoth. He was sent to a school just for the deaf when he was five for regular school seasons – always home in the summer, where he learned the skills of signing and reading lips, among a vast majority of other skill sets a deaf person needed in that harsh environment. But he took it further, teaching himself how to translate several different languages, not only reading and writing, but the extremely difficult art and discipline of reading the lips of the speakers of those languages. It also doesn’t hurt that helping him along is a piece of the odd trait that seems to afflict all of the Edmistion boys, what they deem as ‘The Gift’. He has been all over Arangoth, a world traveler infected with wanderlust, he became quite knowledgable of many different cultures and traditions, as well as their native languages. Transcribing and translating were two passions of his, taking ancient languages and translating them into newer books and more legible forms was something he took great love and devotion to.

He has an extraordinarily strong bond with his two younger brothers, their link being the Gift. Another portion of the Gift given him is the ability to ‘call’ portals, though he hasn’t perfected the craft yet. Without a doubt, that with the kind of dedication he put into his guard duty at the tavern, he’d have it mastered very quickly.

Through an incident in Arangoth, Luke’s fate was twisted around quite severely: He encountered an elder Lycan, but one would never find the big, blonde bouncer cursing his new existance. He views it as more of a blessing than anything, and embraces it completely.

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