Parables of the Twin Goddesses

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Parables of the Twin Goddesses

Post by Ryl » Thu Nov 03, 2016 5:50 pm

Being asked to speak about the Twin Goddesses, Thairoa settled in to tell a tale that expressed those things that she believed. Her faith in a story. Leaning her head slightly down and her deep hair swayed gently in the cawl that it was tucked into at the back of her head, the glitter of silver beads on the mesh keeping her hair bound back though it strained at the strings. “Once, a man came to see the sisters to ask them for a gift. knowledge and power. He found them in the home they took on this world and presented himself boldly.” Her voice took on a slightly dreamy air and she even rested her chin in one hand. “There they sat together, Thyia in her green robes reading from the Jinyrou res Avayl-Siiv and Theesa behind her in crimson braiding strands of silver into her sister’s rich red hair.”

Smiling just a little, the woman’s fingers curled about a stray lock of her own ruby waves. “The man addressed them with a tone of confidence, a cavalier kind of bravado ‘Ladies, I seek wisdom and power..’ and Theesa looked up from her task, turning silvery eyes on the man. With the softest of voices, laughing in its tones the goddess told him that for his request they would need items. She gave him a list of things to gather from all over the wide space of the world and sent him on his way..” Tilting her head down slightly, she dropped her hand into her lap and drew in a long breath “She sent the man for small things, insignificant in their way, bells and sweets. Flowers and children’s toys, wine and simple foods, fabrics and simple items that would take him time to gather. She spilled the list directly into his mind and he passed from them to start the search.”

“Time passed, years and years and the man returned to them.. aged and well traveled and gained in the strength of body and mind, his boots cracked and his hands full of all those things that the goddess had sent him for. He lay them at their feet and dropped to his knees, speaking with a humbled tone in the wake of all those things that travel had taught him ‘My ladies.. I return to you with all that you have asked for me complete, will you please grant me the wisdom and power which I sought from you so many years ago?” A small private smile flickered over her lips and she finished softly “Thyia looked up from the codex of fathomless truth, drawing close about her the robes formed of all the questions asked by mortals and to the man she softly said.. ‘Nothing is given, but all things can be earned.'”
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