Blueprints in red.

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Blueprints in red.

Postby Petra » Mon Sep 11, 2017 9:42 pm

Following a long, exhausting impromptu shift at the Ometta Infirmary, Petra took it wise to get herself washed off in the bathhouse and spend the night in the safety of Nicholas' airship, what with the bitterness surrounding her presence at the time. After the long journey up the ladder, she took a pause on the deck and peered out into the vast, searing expanse of the Burning Lands, feeling the cool, slightly-dusty breeze of the desert night and letting it soothe her simmering nerves. She rests a satchel as reasonably close to the edge of the deck as she would dare, and would soon find herself a seat next to it. She takes her robe off and rests it on a nearby reinforcement. Thinking about stuff in her undergarments gave it just an iota more freedom or creative potential. Bare-breasted and relishing in the cool wind, reclined back onto the robe-pillow and staring out at the night sky, her mind was all but quiet.

She takes a short rest to think about her situation. The people she's hurt and how little she's gained from doing so, how long it's going to take to make things right... She hadn't given everything all that much thought until just now, and definitely not as deeply as she was. She had taken a girl from her family, injured and restrained her, and then practically tortured and reaped the information out of her. At least, what little information she'd obtained. Information that Petra was not going to allow to be wasted in its entirety. Dangerous though it may be, she still holds her personal desires at highest regard.

Feeling a bit chilled now and pulling the droopy bits of the robe over herself, she would reach over to the satchel nearby and produce some sort of notebook with a large, complex-looking seal. A little spark of ether produced from her palm flings the latch open and she flips past black-drop pages of information scrawled in pastel-red ink. She slows down and takes time to process what she's recorded, specifically the notes she'd obtained on Pental whilst ignoring the weight of the situation as best she can. Notes about small, interlocking parts... Observations of the arcane field in its disrupted state as well as the behavior of the golem's core and the condition of the soul within, aswell as a confusing reference she'd made to Xirath, a word she vaguely recognized and distantly understood.

Petra sighs and takes another sweeping glance across the sky, and then flips to a blank page, producing a khasoj creast-feather quill and a tightly-sealed vial of bright-red ink that, in the wrong situation, could easily be confused for blood. She unseals the vial and dips the feather in a few times, pressing it to the paper and writing in an elegant script:

'Opportunity and ambitions have led me to a risky discovery. Circumstance will not allow me to look any further into the issue, so anything here-on-out shall be based on past observations and present intuitions. I have longed for what seems like an eternity, longed for the day I would perfect my grand machine and become a true instrument of absolute purpose. An example of perfection. Instead, what I found, was a taste of this in another. The girl. Her construction is rather peculiar, constructed from smaller parts interlocked with a sort of... arcane mesh. An interesting concept, but not of application to this project. The golem's construction is flexible, but lacks a lot of durability or fluidity. Long ago I had come to the conclusion that the operative parts of my Grand Machine would have to be made of a liquid, it is the only matter-state dynamic enough to fit the bill. Fast, anamorphic and durable by a stretch of the definition. This observation of small parts meshed together has given me an idea, however. One that may finally lead me to a more tangible result...~'

The ink begins to fade from the tip of the quill, so she gives it another dab in the vial and continues.

'The concept in my mind is very simple. A material needs to be found that can be controlled easily and en-mass by the same force. Then, this material needs to be pulverized. Pulverized to such an extent that it, when mixed with some thick liquid, would become almost solute... Perhaps a property to look for would be some arcane magnet or ferrous metal, though how small it would need to be ground is not exactly clear. The thick liquid would have to be both viscous and sticky, most usefully only adhering to the materials within itself, though beggars can't be choosers. Perhaps Gloop would be helpful in this regard, though it would smell terrible... Smells aside, if this delicate balance is, in fact, achieved... This conceptual 'Etherrofluid' would serve an incredibly pivotal part in this project, perhaps contributing directly to it's completion. For now, though, the task at hand takes highest priority. Fabricating a sample of this material and giving it a test may ultimately rely on the cooperation of others, reluctant though they may be to do it. A small initial example will do, perhaps getting it to take the rough shape of some object. A pyramid, or something a bit more complex such as a finger... And then will come matters of the soul~'

The ink fades just as she finishes up, so the quill and ink are promptly tucked away. She then takes a moment to browse what she's written. Satisfied with her recording, she sets the journal in her lap and silently offers a quick prayer to Seryn, something which she does not practice often... Not that Seryn would be paying any particular attention anyways. Probably.

She let out a sigh followed shortly by a soft chuckle. "Who knows. I might get something useful out of all this mess-"

Her self-indulging was interrupted by the sound of someone coming up the ladder, a soft metallic rattling. She picks up the notebook and sweeps her hand over the lock, the book slamming shut. With a quiet electrical whine and a click, it seals tightly and she tucks it away in the satchel, hastily fashioning her robe and pulling the container closer to herself. The rest of the night was a quick before-bed conversation with Nicholas about daily life, and then off she was to get some shut-eye before sleep depravation had time to set in...
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Re: Blueprints in red.

Postby MurkTheJerk » Thu Sep 21, 2017 12:18 pm

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