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Rules and Regulations of The World of Imarel site and forums. Users *MUST* read the topics in this forum *BEFORE* posting. Posting in any other forum assumes that you have read and agreed to these rules.
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Using These Forums

Post by Ryl » Wed Nov 02, 2016 10:57 pm

Welcome to the World of Imarel discussion forum. While things are pretty loose around here, there are a few basic rules we ask everyone to bide by. This is essentialy the list of things you shouldn’t/can’t do on this site. Please be sure to also read the “Your Rights as a User” topic in this forum.

Rules of the Forums

1) This is a privately owned and operated forum. Your use of this forum is provided by the forum administrator and can be revoked at any time, for any reason, with or without prior notification.

2) Decisions of the forum administrator are final.

3) Forum disputes, problems, etc. should remain on the boards. Please do not bother admins or mods in the game chat rooms.

4) Do not post illegal content, links to illegal content, or information on how to obtain illegal content on these forums. We respect copyright here and don’t take kindly to infringers.

5) This forum is for use by adults and, as such, adult content, topics, etc. may be posted from time to time. However, any and all images, video files, audio files, etc. that are adult or pornographic in nature should be linked to, not imbedded in posts. In addition, all such links should be clearly marked as NSFW (Not Safe For Work). Whenever there is doubt as to whether or not something is NSFW, assume that it is.

6) The forum moderators and admins have been chosen because the site administrator trusts their judgement and decision-making. Appeals to reverse the decision of a moderator or admin will likely not end in your favor.

7) While it’s fun to occasionally tear somebody a new asshole, this board does not exist for you to work out your aggression. Those who engage in excessive flaming will be warned, given a time-out, and/or banned. If you are going to flame, do so creatively or the admins won’t love you anymore.

8) Do not use other players’ characters in story posts without prior permission. Posts that violate this rule will be yanked without warning.

9) The site administrator does not maintain backups for the purposes of archiving your posts. Maintain your own backups. This forum is a work in progress and will be updated, tinkered with, and messed with on a regular basis. Some of this tinkering may result in data loss.

10) Don’t be a dick. (This rule encompasses all rules above)
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