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New Site Information

Post by Ryl » Tue Nov 01, 2016 5:36 pm

With the change in the site there are a few different features but for the most part the content has been sorted into the same categories. A brief description of what is available under those categories will be below and a thread has been created for site errors and any issues that are run into with the new content.

Game Information - This is the bulk of the world's content that pertains to characters in play, character creation. You will find Races, Classes, Legends, Lore, the Beastiary, and Treasures in this section.

Atlas - World maps and Travel guids are here, Multiverse information is as well.

Chronicle Guide
- Information about the current setting and Chronicle is here as well as about past chronicles.

Rules - All the rules that the channel is governed by, including class and race rules, dicing rules and tradeskill rolling rules.

Player Guides - Good reference for new players and for old players looking to familiarize themselves with channel processes. The Proficiencies (both combat, non combat, and tradeskills are listed here).

Forums and Wiki - Links to the other forms of communication on the site, these forums are new as well and will be in a state of flux for the time being as the old forums are salvaged.

Links - Friends and associates of Imarel, also links to things that are IRC related and some suggested authors by our founder.

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